Mary ‘May’ Larry for President?


It’s just too bad that that race occurred last year. But before I get too flippant, I should provide a bit of background. Last week, for the sake of balance and comprehensiveness, I encouraged each Mayoral candidate to post a response to my uncritical post covering Mayor Henderson Yarbrough’s State of the Village address he delivered to the Maywood Chamber of Commerce. My purpose was to allow each candidate to present both a rebuttal to the Mayor’s address, as well as their own declarative campaign statement. To date, Mary ‘May’ Larry has been the only one to submit a statement. I hope others are forthcoming. I think they’d supplement the campaign literature, providing voters with more detailed information on the candidate’s positions.

Or not. I hope that Mrs. Larry’s statement doesn’t set a precedent. With all due respect to Mrs. Larry, a series of paragraphs essentially repackaging campaign slogans, vague promises and consistently announcing your candidacy for “President of the Village of Maywood” doesn’t do much to inform the electorate or to provoke engaging, substantive dialogue both about your future plans and about the current Mayor’s missteps. In fact, it’s rather disrespectful. It insults those residents who genuinely want to know and evaluate the specifics of each candidate’s claims. Regardless of the statement’s sparse (and, dare I say, a bit grandiose?) content, however, I appreciate Mrs. Larry’s responsiveness to my request and I’ll eagerly publish, word for word, any response or her team has to this post. Now, without anymore delay, here is Mrs. Larry’s statement-word for word.

Mary “May” Larry

Office of President, of the Village of Maywood Illinois
My name is Mary “May” Larry, and I am a candidate for Office President of the Village Maywood.  I have spent over a decade working to make positive differences in our community of Maywood as a community grass root organizer.  I plan to continue those efforts as President of Maywood Illinois. 
If you visit my website, you will discover more about me as your candidate for President of Village of Maywood. Now, more than ever, it is critical that our residents have an experienced, tested, and homegrown President working for them and our community of Maywood Illinois.
As President of the Village of Maywood, using my extensive experience as a businesswoman, community organizer, and community leader, I will strengthen leads to the continuance of the creation of jobs, as well as secure protection for our seniors, implement plans for the improvement of the public school system, and continue making   a stand for Maywood resident/neighborhood concerns.
Simply put, I believe in our community and in bringing our residents together for a common cause. This is the Maywood we all believe in. In so doing, problems are resolved while discovering that in saying, “Yes, we will…!…,” opportunities arise for job growth, neighborhood improvements, and educational promotion. This is how we curtail senseless crimes within our community.
I anticipate the furtherance of improvement in the growth and development of our city, resident by resident, block by block, school by school, business by business, and church by church. This is what the Mary ‘May’ Larry MAYWOOD ILLINOIS 2013 Mayoral Campaign is about, and your continued support is will make this campaign the moment Maywood turns the corner, the page, and be the village we all know and dream of becoming.
With your support, I will be able to stand up for what is important to our community, jobs, better education, and less crime.  As your President, of the Village of Maywood Illinois, I will get it done! 
On my website I have outlined my platform, record, upcoming events, and my goals as your President, of the Village of Maywood Illinois. You can also send me e-mails as well as donate.
Thank you. I look forward to working with you and working for you as your President, of the Village of Maywood Illinois in the future.
“Let’s create a new Maywood”!
Mary “May” Larry

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