Mortgage Asisstance Increased

According to a release posted on the Illinois Government News Network, Governor Quinn announced that “the Illinois Housing Development Authority is increasing the mortgage assistance available through the Illinois Hardest Hit program to $35,000 per household across the state, effective April 1…With $10,000 more assistance per family to allocate, more than 500 Illinois families could be assisted immediately. Over the next 30 days, program staff will contact the following groups of homeowners to see if they qualify to have their program terms amended in alignment with the new cap:

  • Homeowners who are currently receiving assistance;
  • Homeowners who were in the program but exhausted their benefits in 2013;
  • Homeowners who applied for the program in 2013 but were ineligible because their need exceeded the previous limit of $25,000

“Homeowners who exited the program or were denied assistance before January 1, 2013, should reach out to the housing counselor they worked with to re-apply. New applicants can apply at IHDA expects an additional 100 families per month to be eligible for mortgage payment support under the program extended limits.”

Thanks to Sarah Lira for this tip.

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