Some Apparently Uncommon Voting Knowledge, Candidate Round-Ups

A few very important things to know (if you don’t already) before you cast your ballot: Just because certain candidates may run on a slate, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to vote for everyone on it. So mix and match if you feel the need to.

And (what I didn’t know, until recently) you can even vote for as few (as long as you vote for at least one) or as many (as long as you don’t add candidates to the ballot) as you’d like. There will be more articles about, and statements from, the various candidates between now and the last day of the consolidated election.

If you have any questions for, or opinions on, the candidates, you can include them in the comments section adjacent this post or email them to, and we’ll put our best foot forward in tracking the candidates down to get your questions and opinions heard and, if necessary, answered. Here’s a comprehensive listing of area candidates in this year’s election. You can go to Cook County Clerk’s website to verify the accuracy of this list.

Candidates in the Upcoming 2013 Consolidated Election

[Candidate Name / Party / Ballot No.]

Supervisor, Provisor Township (4-year Term, Vote for 1)

Michael A. Corrigan / Township Party Alliance / 71

Clerk, Proviso Township (4-Year Term, Vote For 1)

Anthony ‘Tony’ Williams / Township Alliance Party / 72

Assessor, Proviso Township (4-Year Term, Vote For 1)

Steven J. Zawaski / Township Alliance Party / 73

Trustee, Proviso Township, (4-Year Term, Vote For 4)

Mari Herrell / Township Alliance Party / 74

Clarence E. Thomas / Township Alliance Party / 75

Joseph Christopher / Township Alliance Party / 76

Evelyn Chavez / Township Alliance Party / 77

President, Village of Maywood (4-Year Term, Vote For 1)

Henderson Yarbrough Sr. / Maywood United Party / 11

Gilberto ‘Gil’ Guzman / All In for Maywood / 12

Mary ‘May’ Larry / Independent / 13

Nicole Gooden / Independent / 14

Edwenna Perkins / Independent / 15

Clerk, Village of Maywood (4-Year Term, Vote For 1)

Audrey C. Jaycox / Maywood United Party / 16

Viola Mims / All In for Maywood / 17

Trustee, Village of Maywood (4-Year Term, Vote For 3)

Michael A. Rogers / Maywood United Party / 18

Melvin L. Lightford Sr. / Maywood United Party / 19

Antoinette ‘Toni’ Dorris / Maywood United Party / 20

Marcius Scaggs / All In for Maywood / 21

Isiah Brandon / All In for Maywood / 22

JoAnn Murphy / All In for Maywood / 23

Cheryl A. Ealey-Cross / Independent / 25

Commissioner, Maywood Park District (6-Year Term, Vote For 2)

Terrance Jones / NonPartisan / 91

Dawn N. Rone / NonPartisan / 92

Joseph Joe Ratley / NonPartisan / 93

Alejandro Palacios Torres / NonPartisan / 94

Patrick Winters / NonPartisan / 95

Robert Max Johnson / NonPartisan / 96

Jayda T. James / NonPartisan / 97

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