Election Update, More Early Voting Info

Earlier in the week, I posted a notification regarding early voting locations and times. Here is more comprehensive information I found printed on pamphlets issued by the Cook County Clerk’s office and the State Board of Elections (but passed out by no doubt dozens of hard-working campaign volunteers). Here is some of the most noteworthy content, reprinted word-for-word:

If I vote early, but change my mind, may I vote on Election Day?

No. The law prohibits a person who voted during the early voting period from voting again on Election Day.

What are the safeguards against voter fraud?

Voters casting an early ballot must display valid identification such as a current driver’s license, a state-issued ID card or another government-issued ID with a photograph.

The votes cast during the early voting period will not be counted until after the polls close on Election Day.

Who authorized early voting?

The Illinois General Assembly approved House Bill 1968 in 2005, and it was signed into law as Public Act 94-0645.

What is the reason for early voting?

A major reason for early voting is to encourage greater participation in the election. People who travel for business, work long hours or are otherwise inconvenienced by the hours the polls are open may find it easier to vote early.

Is electioneering allowed at early voting sites?

No. Electioneering is prohibited at the early voting site and a campaign-free zone will be established like it is at the polling place on Election Day.

What is the deadline for registering to vote?

The traditional deadline for registering to vote is 28 days prior to an election.

However, Grace Period Registration is an extension of the deadline for registration. State law allows for the registration of voters and for a change of address at the office of an election authority, but it requires that a person participating in Grace Period Registration to vote at that same office or by mail at the discretion of the election authority.

People who register during the Grace Period are not eligible to vote at an Early Voting location or at a polling place on Election Day. Grace Period Registration runs 27 days to 3 days before an election.

How can I check to see if I am registered?

Illinois residents can check to see if they are registered by going online at www.elections.il.gov and clicking ‘Voters’ and then clicking ‘Am I registered to Vote in Illinois.’ This new service is made available through the Illinois Voter Registration Service database, a requirement of the Help America Vote Act.

Here’s an update on early voting locations throughout suburban Cook County that are in the Maywood vicinity:

Bellwood Village Hall, 3200 Washington Blvd., Bellwood

Elmwood Park Village Hall, 11 W. Conti Parkway, Elmwood Park

Melrose Park Village Hall, 1000 North 25th Ave., Melrose Park

Oak Park Village Hall, 123 Madison Street, Oak Park

Whitcomb Building (Near Maywood Courthouse), 1311 Maybrook Sq., Room 104, Maywood

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