Developing Story: Candidate For Trustee Removed from Ballot

Elect Isiah Brandon for Maywood Trustee

Sources have reported that Isiah Brandon, candidate for trustee on the All In for Maywood (AIM) ticket, has been ruled ineligible by a Cook County appellate court. Brandon himself has confirmed this to be true. In reaction, Brandon plans on running in protest as a write-in candidate. The appellate court ruling is only the most recent round in the back-and-forth volleying between Brandon and the Maywood United Party. Visit the Cook County Clerk’s site for more information about write-in candidates and what this means for the campaign. More as this story develops…

2 thoughts on “Developing Story: Candidate For Trustee Removed from Ballot

  1. I will submit a press release tomorrow on behalf of my campaign.

    Isiah Brandon
    Candidate For Maywood Trustee

  2. I strongly encourage Isiah to continue his efforts in spite of the challenges. In the end his perseverance will win!

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