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Several campaigns let me shadow their volunteers throughout the day and witness what it takes to get elected. Today, I embedded myself with Virgil Crawford, a key component of Cheryl Ealey-Cross’s campaign for Maywood trustee. Crawford was handing out literature about Cross’s campaign and an event that an organization called MOVEE (Maywood Organization for Voters Emerged and Engaged) will be hosting tomorrow, Sunday, April 7, at 5pm, inside of the Quinn Community Center on the campus of St. Eulalia Parish. MOVEE plans to arouse citizens’ concerns regarding the proposed McDonald’s to be built on 5th and Roosevelt. Issues to be discussed include local jobs, minority contracts and Tax Increment Financing (TIFs).

Jerrod William

I met Ken Jackson (above) on the corner of 4th and Fillmore. I asked Jackson if he knew anything about TIFs. He said he does. “I wouldn’t have a problem if [the Village applied TIF funds to the McDonald’s development].”

Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith (above) is another volunteer with Ealey-Cross’s campaign. He and Crawford had been up canvassing long before I met with them in the afternoon.

Randy Shears

I saw Randy Shears (above) standing in front of  a driveway on 2nd and Lexington. He said that a second Maywood McDonald’s was long overdue. “Kids need jobs to be closer to their community and the only McDonald’s we have right now is all the way on 1st and Lake.”

See more tomorrow…

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