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More images of the 2013 consolidated election.

Maywood United HQ

Monday: The Maywood United Party’s campaign headquarters on 17th and Madison sits relatively empty. It’s after 5pm and most volunteers are resting up for tomorrow’s election day push, which will start at around 5 am. When I arrive, two men are conversing in a back office. One of them is candidate for trustee Mike Rogers. Rogers is guardedly optimistic and cautiously confident about tomorrow. “I don’t take anything for granted,” he says.

Rogers (pictured below), an architect with McDonald’s Corporation, is the former president of the National Organization of Minority Architects. In 2010, he served as the president of the American Institute of Architects Illinois. Rogers managed the construction of the McDonald’s on First and Lake, in addition to designing the underground railroad memorial that annexes it. He’s currently part of the development of a second McDonald’s to be built along the Village’s Roosevelt Road corridor, a key area of commercial activity lined with several fast food establishments, such as a Burger King, White Castle and a Poor Boy.

The new McDonald’s will have several sustainable features, such as energy efficient windows and motion sensor lighting. “Maywood needs a lot of resources,” he says. “I hope this isn’t a popularity contest…it’s got to be a resource contest,” he says of tomorrow’s election.

Mike Rogers

Saturday night: The campaign of independent mayoral candidate Nicole Gooden hosts a fundraiser at the American legion on Madison Street (below).

Nicole Gooden Fundraiser

Patrick Winters (below), a candidate for Maywood Park District Commissioner, is among the attendees. Winters is the Athletic Director for Eternal Light Community Services, an organization that plans and oversees athletic and academic programming for more than 600 children at 200 S. 5th Ave. “8 or 9 months ago, I went into a board meeting and said I would put this village on my back myself. Somebody has to step up…there aren’t enough men out there.” Should he get elected, he wants to bring Little League  and Pony League baseball back to Maywood, in addition to more recreational programming for seniors. A graduate of Western Illinois and Central State Universities, Winters has been coaching practically his entire adult life. “I’ve been coaching in the community for over 30 years. I’ve coached kids who have went on to [the NBA, the NFL, the MLB].” Even though the Village has its problems, he doesn’t plan on going anywhere. “I’ve been a lifetime in Maywood…I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, ‘There’s no place like home’.”

Patrick Winters

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