Storm Update



A meeting was held today with Fire Chief Bronaugh, EMA Coordinator Wachal and concerned citizens.  Three areas have been identified that need to be addressed as a result of the storm:




There is a need for volunteers to help fill sand bags at 2nd & Augusta.  Water continues to flow from the Creeks and the River and is having a great impact on houses in that area.  A Command Center has been established at Fire Station #1 at 7th Avenue & St. Charles Road.  If you would like to help, please call the Station at (708) 343-5595 or 450-4881.




If you and your family have been impacted by the storm, in particular, your basement is flooded, if at all possible, please avoid going in your basement, until it is safe to do so.  PLEASE ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:


If you have an electrical issue, please contact an electrician.


If you experience problems with a gas water heater or furnace, please contact NICOR (1-888 642-6748)


If water has drained and you are preparing to throw out damaged property, please take pictures before disposing of any soiled or damaged goods.  Also note, please sterilize everything affected by the storm waters since it is a combination of both storm and sewer water.  Bleach can help disinfect soiled areas.


For all additional questions or concerns – please call the non-emergency # at (708) 343-5595 or 450-4881.




We are identifying the following issues under “Hardest Hit”.  These are issues that require support either by the Village or through your homeowner’s insurance plan.  They include:


                  Loss of Power – Contact Commonwealth Edison (1-800-EDISON or 1-800-334-7661)


                  Loss of Power Lines – Contact Commonwealth Edison (1-800-EDISON or 1-800-334-7661)


                  Any major structural damage – Contact your insurance provider


                  Damage to your roof’s foundation – Contact your insurance provider


                  Trees Down – If on Parkway (Village’s Responsibility), if on Homeowner’s Property (Homeowner Responsibility




Our community has not been declared a state of emergency as yet.  In the meantime, please be mindful to take pictures, log losses and await additional information from the Village regarding possible FEMA support.  A community meeting is being coordinated to provide additional information.  Please stay tuned.


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