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April 27th, 2013

re: NoMCO’s recommendation to Mayor Henderson Yarbrough and Mayor-elect Edwenna Perkins for the appointment of next-highest-vote-receiving candidates for Village Trustee to the vacant seats created by our most recent local elections.

Greetings Mayor Yarbrough and Mayor-elect Perkins.

The Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NoMCO) begin by thanking you for faithfully carrying out the duties of your respective offices. We also congratulate you both for running fine campaigns. We at NoMCO trust that each you have outdone and will outdo all your predecessors by raising new bars for personal and corporate excellence, integrity, and sacrificial civil service, not only here in the Village of Maywood, but also for all Chicagoland.

With the recent local election outcome, each of you is certainly aware that at least two Village Trustee seats have become vacated: one seat to be vacated by Mayor-elect Perkins, a second by the conveniently timed resignation of Trustee-elect Rogers, and perhaps a third vacancy created by the strategic resignation of yet another Trustee. Regardless of which mayor appoints the replacements to fill these vacancies, it is the strenuous recommendation of NoMCO and its members that the Village Board appoint to the vacated seats the next-highest-vote-receiving candidates for Village Trustee according to the official results of this most recent election.

We urge you to consider the powerful messages communicated to your constituents. First, wouldn’t each of you demonstrate your unbiased and non-partisan concern for the will of Maywood voters? Of course, because it makes absolute common sense that in this representative government context elected and even appointed leaders should enjoy the favor of the people they represent. We submit to you: this favor is best indicated by official vote totals. Second, the appointment of next-highest-vote-receiving candidates simply evidences your appreciation for fair play and integrity. The appointment of any other persons only invites from your broader constituency suspicion, distrust, and antagonism. Moreover, a failure to act according to the will of voters will only further exacerbate the widely perceived state of corruption within our village government as well as the widely suspected “smoke and mirrors” modus operandi for governance. Third and perhaps most importantly, please consider the striking message which both the current and incoming Mayors will send throughout the community by actions perceived to be so void of personal and political agendas. Your clarion broadcast will be: “It is no longer business-as-usual in Maywood.” You will humbly declare, “We are YOUR elected Mayors!” Last but not least, you and all citizens will finally be able to proclaim (and without a snicker nor with fingers crossed), “Maywood IS on the move.” Why? Because SHE WILL BE ON THE MOVE FORWARD, and this time, WITH A NEW AND BETTER DIRECTION!”

In the spirit of fairness to all candidates and with respect for the will of Maywood’s voters, NoMCO urges you to appoint the next-highest-vote-receiving candidates for Village Trustee into the vacated Village Trustee seats. Thank you, and may God bless Maywood!

John Yi, President
on behalf of the Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization

4 thoughts on “NoMCO Open Letter: Text Format

  1. As a Maywood citizen who voted in this last and previous Mayoral and Trustee elections, I agree with the position and recommendation made by NoMCO.

  2. Sorry, I should have proofread better, so here it is again, edited.

    Mr. Mayor, Village Board, and Manager Barlow, why is the appointment of the newly vacated seat scheduled PRIOR to public comment when there is obvious and significant uproar even if it is by voters “who are always angry [and] negative,” who may need to “sit down and shut up,” or may indeed be “cynical about politics?” When did the opinions of people with these particular qualities stop mattering?

  3. NoMCO; “In the spirit of fairness to all candidates and with respect for the will of Maywood’s voters, NoMCO urges you to appoint the next-highest-vote-receiving candidates for Village Trustee into the vacated Village Trustee seats …”, laudable suggestions yet laughable cynicism. Nevertheless, I’m curious to know if anyone has read the State of Illinois Statues relating to Elections [10 ILCS 5/ – Election Code] and vacancies relating to municipal governance? Don’t forget the fact, eighty percent of registered Maywood voters did not cast their vote in the past election. Enjoy the Village meeting tonight and I encourage you all to stay optimistic.

  4. Mr. Diggs, I urge you and all of Maywood’s residents (which includes our elected officials) to acknowledge another “fact.” More than 19% of Maywood’s registered voters were responsible enough and concerned enough to actually cast ballots. Regardless of whether it’s 1% or 100% voter turnout, the results matter. They remain the best indicator of the VOTERS’ will.

    Also, to your question inquiring about anyone having read the Illinois Election STATUTES, the answer is “YES, I have.”

    So now my question to you is this, Mr. Diggs, “So what?” What does NoMCO’s recommendation have anything to do with the State Election Code? It’s a RECOMMENDATION with undeniable merit. Now, who’s being cynical?

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