Corrections: April 29, 2013

In the April 27, 2013 posting, “A Community at a Standstill: Search and Rescue Efforts for Bryeon Hunter Continue,” we misnamed the son of Germaine Porter. His name is Kenneth Porter, Jr., not Kevin Porter, Jr. That article has since been emended.

In the April 27, 2013 posting, “Clearing the Way: Residents from West Suburbs Join to Clean Path,” we misspelled the name of a former candidate for trustee. Her name is JoAnn Murphy, no JoAnne Murphy. That article has since been emended.

In the April 28, 2013, posting, “Maywood Village Trustee Mike Rogers Resigns, Outgoing Mayor Yarbrough to Fill Vacant Seat Amid Controversy,” we realized after scrutinizing the title and reading some readers’ reactions, that the title is perhaps too ambiguously worded, thus leading some readers to assume that Mr. Yarbrough intends to appoint himself to “fill” the vacancy. This is unambiguously not true, as far as we know. We have no conclusive evidence on whom Mr. Yarbrough will appoint. What is conclusive is that Mr. Rogers resigned and that Mr. Yarbrough has the power to appoint someone to fill his vacancy.

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