Taking Note: What Do You Think?

Below is a (very fuzzy) screen shot of part of the agenda from tonight’s Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees (7pm at 200 S. 5th Ave.). In reaction to noticing that the appointment to fill the trustee seat vacated by Rogers and Flowers will come before public comment is heard, the editorial board decided that, instead of elaborating on our own sudden reaction to this development, we would allow the public to speak.

Do you think that it is appropriate for this appointment to come before public hearings are held? If yes, please comment. If no, please comment. We will also be administering this informal, snap survey on Facebook, where it may be easier to reply. Once your opinions are aggregated, we will summarize them on this site before the meeting. Please comment either on Facebook or on under this posting before 5pm tomorrow. To view the complete agenda on PDF file, click here.

Special Board Meeting Agenda

3 thoughts on “Taking Note: What Do You Think?

  1. Appropriate? Absolutely not! But that does seem to be the Maywood way to do things.

  2. Does the public have any say in who they want as their Trustees? When did the vote not count? Why is the public voice silenced until after the devious deed is done? Please come back to true representation of the people.

  3. If the appointments are not representative of voter results in the recent election, it is an insult to those who voted. Although legal, it is a disregard for the citizenry who cared enough to vote. If the appointments are representative of voter results, the Mayor has abided by the voting results and avoided his ending legacy as Mayor to be marred by the appearance of political maneuvering. As a involved and voting citizen of Maywood, I hope it is the latter. If it is not, I will be disappointed in the Mayor.

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