Summary of Maywood News Coverage from Around the Web

May 15, 2013 – ABC Local reported that the family of Bryeon Hunter is awaiting autopsy results to positively identify the body found Tuesday by Robert Larson and identify what precisely caused the boy’s death. “Baker and Scott [the boy’s mother and her boyfriend] are being held on $750,000 bail. They appeared in court briefly on Tuesday, but their hearing was pushed back until next week because their lawyers could not attend.” Baker’s grandmother believes her granddaughter is innocent, saying that the boyfriend is the one who committed the crime. “He did it. He was beating her, he was beating the grandkids, she got the bruises that prove it.”


May 15, 2013 – The Better Government Association (BGA) reported that it has sued the Cook County Recorder of Deeds office, claiming that the agency is in violation of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which “guarantees public access to documents in the possession of public agencies.” The Cook County agency is led by Karen Yarbrough, the wife of the outgoing mayor of Maywood, Henderson Yarbrough, Sr.

On February 27, 2013, the BGA submitted “a FOIA request via email to the Recorder of Deeds’ FOIA Officer. The BGA was seeking copies of employment documents for an employee who had just resigned under fire, after the BGA and FOX 32 discovered her criminal conviction in a robbery scheme.” According to the report, the Recorder of Deeds office responded that it “‘has a long-standing published policy of only accepting FOIA requests exclusively via mail or in person delivery.’

“The BGA believes that ‘policy’ not only violates the letter and spirit of state law, it is needlessly costly (because of postage and printing expenses) and inefficient.”


On May 14, 2013, the Chicago Tribune reported that Gwendolyn Robinson, former director of the Maywood Housing Authority, “pleaded guilty to theft and official misconduct today and was sentenced to six years in prison, according to the Illinois Attorney General’s office.” Robinson, 51, of Elmhurst, “had been indicted in 2011 for stealing more than $400,000 from the authority while serving as its executive director from May 2006 to November 2009.”

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