After the Shots, Silence and Proposed Solutions: Community Copes with Recent Outbreak of Violence

By Michael Romain

State Representative Emanuel “Chris” Welch announced in the recent legislative update his office mailed out today that he called for a moment of silence in honor of 19-year old DaShamone McCarty while on the floor of the House of Representatives. McCarty was shot in the back of the head while in the driver’s seat of a moving car this past Wednesday in Maywood. He had recently returned home from his first year of college.

Rep. Welch wrote: “DaShamone was a good kid. A student athlete. Three sport athlete at Proviso who went on to be a two sport athlete in College. I personally gave DeShamone his diploma in May 2012.  He was a good kid. A kid who was suppose to make it. My heart and prayers go out to his family. May his soul rest in peace.”

Tomorrow at 5pm, there will be a prayer vigil held at the Fred Hampton Memorial Site on 4th and Oak for the families of Maywood murder victims. The event is sponsored by The Covenant Daughters of Elohim. Phyllis J. Duncan, the founder and executive director of Mothers of Murdered Sons (MOMS), will be one of the speakers.

Duncan said the event is an attempt to bring awareness to the violence happening in Maywood and to lend support, in particular, to the families of baby Bryeon Hunter and DaShamone McCarty. “This is the beginning of the summer and we just want to cover this community with our prayers and commitment to make a difference.”

McCarty’s recent murder has provoked more than hushed tributes. Today, Rep. Welch released a separate statement regarding McCartey’s murder.

“In Springfield,” he wrote, “I am pushing for comprehensive gun legislation to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. I will continue to fight for safer communities and support legislation that creates jobs, provides access to quality education, improves access to health care and takes proactive steps to address the problems that cause lead [sic] to gun violence.”







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  1. If crime is to be decreased in Maywood, we need more tutors for boys in school and more jobs coming from that 20 million in Tiff grants that Maywood is getting to supposedly fix our infrastructure.

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