Coming Soon

Here’s a preview of what’s to come this week:

  • Tomorrow, at 7pm, we’ll be live tweeting the board meeting and the swearing-in to take place afterwards.
  • An interview with Jerry Kurzac, the developer behind the upcoming McDonald’s on 5th and Roosevelt. Mr. Kurzac talks about his company’s plans for enhancing the Roosevelt Road corridor and his ambitions for increasing the Village’s economic interaction with the expansive medical complex that faces the Road.
  • An exit interview with the outgoing Mayor Henderson Yarbrough is in the works. We plan for this to be the most comprehensive, in-depth interview that the Mayor’s given perhaps since taking office eight years ago. He’ll talk about everything from his legacy to his plans once he leaves office. This is Mayor Yarbrough in his OWN words, unfiltered, unmediated.
  • In the “Out and About” section, a candid short discussion with Trustee Michael Rogers on his decision to resign, his plans for economic development and what he was doing when I happened to run into him.
  • Some insight on the ins and outs of solar panels and a more comprehensive inquiry into the Village’s ‘green’ ambitions.

One thought on “Coming Soon

  1. I would really like to know the details of how Mr. Rogers brought the new McDonald’s on Roosevelt Rd. I hope you can touch on this to support Mr. Roger’ s campaign comments that he brought McDonald’s to Maywood.

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