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The following is an excerpt from an article written by Rhonda Sherrod, J.D., Ph.D., and posted on her site, Maywood Matters. In “Where Do We Go From Here: Can We Build a Stronger and Better Community?”, Sherrod, a lawyer, educator, psychologist and Maywood resident, raises some insightful points:

“We have some very serious problems facing this town.  As examples, we have a public safety problem, a problem with our schools (at the secondary and elementary levels), and problems with our water expenses and system of receiving water.  Taxes are too high and foreclosures are problematic enough to threaten the viability of our community.  We need economic development and jobs for our youth, we need to attain clarity and effectiveness regarding government finances, we need more cultural and social programming and recreational outlets for our children (and this is especially true with a long, hot summer impending), and we need greater support for struggling parents.  We also need governmental entities that work together.  In other words, our elected officials — all of them — need to get it together and get to work tout de suite.  

We, the people, have absolutely no time for foolishness emanating from public servants in this town and we, the people, need to make it crystal clear that we will not sanction hostility, inactivity, ineffectiveness, or incompetence.  Every public official that represents this village, newly elected/appointed or not, needs to come to the table with his or her “A” game.  And we, the people, need to make sure that they get the job done in the best interest of the people.

We need to give these public servants commands and make it manifestly clear to each and every one of them that they serve at our behest.  If they don’t want to do what is best for the town, then they are perfectly welcome to return to the private sector so we can get replacements who will properly represent the residents.  And perhaps most important of all, Maywoodians need to first understand and then proceed with the proper paradigm:  These people work for us.  They are our employees, and we want and need an open, accessible, transparent, honest, and high functioning government.”

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