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First, a note on progress: Since we’re limited in our time and resources, our ambitions may sometimes outpace our abilities to realize them. So, certain features and articles we intend for publication in any given week may take a while to roll out. Bear with us! This is a living experiment, but we promise you’ll see improvement every week.

Now, looking to the future, here’s a sneak peek at what’s (still) on the books:

  • Parts 2 and 3 of Mayor Yarbrough interview. Before the interview was set up, we agreed to let the former Mayor sign off on each part we published. That was the deal. Right now, we’re just waiting for him to approve the rest.
  • We still plan on exploring solar panels and speaking with members of the Environmental and Beautification Commission.
  • We’ll inaugurate a new section called “Fiscally Speaking,” which will explore issues such as the Village’s budget, taxes and pensions next week. The learning curve in this area is rather steep, but we’re swiftly progressing.
  • The interview with Northica Stone, President of Operation Uplift and Jeri Stenson, the curator of the West Town Historical Museum, will be published next week.
  • We’ll take you inside a day in the life of Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry in what promises to be a revealing article.
  • And MORE!

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  1. Keep up the informative news about what’s going on in Maywood. I really enjoy reading your blog. THANKS

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