Corrections: June 10 – July 10

A June 18, 2013, posting was mistakenly entitled, “Two Maywood Men Arrested for River Forest Burglaries.” This inaccurately implied that the men arrested (one from Bellwood and the other from Lombard) were from Maywood, instead of being merely arrested in the Village. That posting has since been emended.

A July 3, 2013, posting, “Once Upon A Time: Visiting the West Town Historical Museum,” mistakenly referred to Mrs. Jeri Stenson as the former president of the Maywood Historical Society. This was inaccurate, as she still currently serves in this role. This posting has since been emended.

A July 10, 2013, posting, “Maywood May Get Office of Independent Inspector General, but Board Vote Stands in the Way,” mistakenly places Cheryl Ealey-Cross’s employment at Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Mrs. Cross worked for Mayer, Brown, Rowe and Maw. She obtained the services of Kirkland & Ellis, at no cost to the plaintiffs or the Village, through a watchdog group. This posting has since been emended. Mrs. Ealey-Cross included in a statement notifying us of the error: “I would also like to make it known that the Court [sic] awarded fines to the plaintiffs’ [sic] as a result of the Village’s blatant disregard for the law. Kirkland & Ellis represented us at no cost to either us or the Village. However, any citizen can certainly find out on their own how much was paid out to the law firm of Klein,Thorpe & Jenkins for their representation of the Village, it was very early in the case that the Village was not in compliance of the Freedom of Information Act and this case could have been avoided altogether had they complied with the law.” This posting has since been emended.

The same posting also incorrectly referred to village attorney Michael Jurusik’s law firm, Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, as Klein & Thorpe. This posting has since been emended.



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