Maywood Entryway Signs Unveiling, August 17

NBA Sign

The Village of Maywood and its Special Events Commission have partnered with the Emily Tonon’s first period digital arts studio class in Proviso East’s Fine Arts department in redesigning 14 “Welcome to the Village of Maywood” entryway signs. The unveiling for the signs will take place on Saturday, August 17 (3pm-5pm), at Veterans Memorial Park (4th and Oak). Each sign will have a theme that highlights the achievements of notable Maywoodians (click the underlined themes to preview select signs):

NBA Players & Basketball Theme:

Commemorating the NBA athletes from Proviso East High School; Al Nuness; Jim Brewer (1972 Olympic Medal, 1982 Championship); Dee Brown; Donnie Boyce; Sherell Ford; Steven Hunter; Reggie Jordan; Shannon Brown (2009, 2010 Championship); Michael Finley (2007 Championship and NBA All-Star); Glenn “Doc” Rivers (Head Coach, 2008 Championship and NBA All-Star); Proviso East High School Championship Basketball Teams (1969, 1974, 1991, 1992); Dorothey Gaiters (Winningest Girls High School Basketball Coach).

Architectural Theme:

Recognizing architects John S. Van Bergen, Walter B. Griffen, Francis E. Dunlop and John Drummond

Underground Railroad and Abolitionist Theme:

Maywood is documented as a stop on the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad Memorial is at 1st and Lake. Recognizing abolitionist Zebina Eastman.

Science and Medical Theme:

Commemorating Scientist Percy Julian; Dr. Clifton Woods; Dr. A.E. Dobson, DDS; Dr. A. Fairfax, MD; and Professor Alex Lane, PhD.

Grammy Award Winning Musicians and Maywood Musicians Theme:

Commemorating Grammy winners Walter Parazaider, founding member of the band, “Chicago”; John Prine, American Country/Folk singer and songwriter; Michael Charles, six-time Grammy-nominated blues/rock singer and songwriter; Musician Charles Brown; Perri Lee Blackwell-Poston; John Hudson; and Ortiz Walton.

Colonel Nichols Theme:

Commemorating Maywood’s Founder.

Bataan Day Theme:

Commemorating the war veterans from the Battle of Bataan.

NFL Football Theme:

Commemorating NFL athletes Ray Buchanan (Atlanta Falcons); Jim Johnson (football coach); Chuck Kassell (Chicago Cardinals); Ed O’Bradovich (Chicago Bears); Jerome Sally (New York Giants); Bill Kay (Houston Oilers); Richard Buchanan (L.A. Rams); Terry Love; Ray Nitschke; and Sergio Brown.

MLB Theme:

Commemorating MLB athletes Orval Grove (Chicago White Sox); Lee Stange (pitcher); Mike Woodard (San Francisco Giants); Theo Shaw; Robert Jones; Dave Richards; and women’s Bloomer Girl Baseball League member Jeanette Feuerstein.

USA Track and Field:

Commemorating Henry Robie and 1984 Summer Olympic Silver Medalist Greg Foster.

Poets and Writers:

Commemorating Mary Mitchell, Carl Sandburg, Tom Burgoyne, Zebina Eastman and Ervin H. Strub.

Judges, Visionaries, Philanthropist and Merchants:

Commemorating James Skinner (co-founder of Sears Roebuck & Co.); African-American judges L. Priscilla Hall (New York Supreme Court) and Shelvin Louise Maria Hall (Illinois Appellate Court); Philanthropist Luther Sparks (mortician who embalmed Emmitt Till and Fred Hampton; Philanthropist Sheila Crump-Johnson (co-founder of BET); and visionary Fred Hampton.

Performing Artists and Actors:

Commemorating Dennis Franz; Mike Douglass; Jimmy Woodard; Geraldine McCullough (sculptor of Phoenix Rising); Dancers Craig Hall (NYC Ballet), Purdie Bauman (NYC Rockettes); Chris Jackson (Alvin Ailey); and Maywood Fine Arts.

Military Theme:

Honoring veterans of foreign wars VFW Legion Albert Stump (Tuskegee Airman), Lt. Alex Hampton, Jr. and Charles Divers (Navy); Ollie Bailey (Buffalo Soldiers); and Captain Kenyatta Ruffin (Air Force).

Proviso East High School Digital Arts Studio 2011, First Period Class:

Emily Tonon (teacher); Stacey Welch, Demetrius Warren, Fidel Mendoza, Ivan Mendoza, Quentin Taylor, Andrew Miller, Ryan Jones, DaShamone “Spuddy” McCarthy, Daisy Raya, Maleck Hall, Jeff Miller, Markita Armstrong, Zulma Hernandez, Anthony Hill, Deshay Seals, Roosevelt McNeil, Vanessa Cervantes, Darnell Toney, Yvonne Brow.

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  1. It’s John S. Van Bergen not Van Beyer. Whoever puts this type of material needs to do more research or learn how to spell.

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