Our New Advice Columnist Wants Your Questions!

The Forest Park Review is Now Partnering with The Village Free PressWe’re proud to announce a brand new feature! In about a week or so, we’ll be publishing a weekly column called “Dear Hope,” which will be written by Gwendolyn L. Young, the Executive Director of Seed of Hope Foundation and a person who radiates a burning passion for the livelihoods of young women and girls. (You can read some of our coverage of Gwendolyn and Seed of Hope here, here and here). Gwendolyn will be taking ANY questions that ANY of our readers may have concerning the health and well-being of young girls and women.

Dear Hope, My Dad Was Never ThereIf you’re a father and have questions about your daughter’s emotional detachment, send a question to Gwendolyn. If you’re a mother and are concerned about your daughter’s academic development, send a question to Gwendolyn. If you’re a young woman or girl whose searching for ways to cope with the absence of a parent, send a question to Gwendolyn. If you’re a high school administrator and want to discover ways to engage and enhance the learning experience of female students in your school, send a question to Gwendolyn.

All questions should be forwarded to thevillagefreepress@gmail.com, and we’ll get them to her from there. You can also simply visit Seed of Hope Foundation’s Facebook page (Search: Seed of Hope Foundation) and post your question in their status box. There’s no deadline for questions, but we’d appreciate if you get as many questions to us within two weeks, so that she’ll have some substantial material to work with. And please note, you can ask as many questions as you like and you can even ask them anonymously (or under a pseudonym) if you want. Just ASK!

FIGHT TO KEEP MAYWOOD INFORMEDAbout Gwendolyn and Seed of Hope

Seed of Hope was founded four years ago by Gwendolyn’s mother, Jacqueline Barnes, a self-published author, entrepreneur, life coach and workshop facilitator. Since its founding, the organization has touched the lives of dozens of young women and girls throughout the Chicagoland area by offering emotionally intensive, intellectually stimulating and deeply intimate programming. Among the services the organization offers are roundtable discussions, book clubs, volunteer outings and life skills workshops.

Gwendolyn is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a member of the Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society and a Cum Laude graduate of Lewis University’s master’s degree program in organizational leadership. In addition to receiving the Elizabeth Timpton’s Girls Mentoring Award for her work in the community, she was also selected by BoardSource as one of twenty recipients throughout the country of the Judith O’Connor Scholar Award for emerging nonprofit leaders.

Gwendolyn’s leveraged her ten years of business experience in operations and administrative management to help grow Seed of Hope into one of the most effective female mentoring organizations in the area. In addition to designing and facilitating the organization’s workshop curriculum, she also co-authored, with her daughter, Jacquelynne, a book entitled “20 Tips to Building a Strong Mother/Daughter Bond.”

Gwendolyn’ s been married for 17 years to her beloved husband, James, and has three young adult children. VFP

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One thought on “Our New Advice Columnist Wants Your Questions!

  1. I am interested to know how many people really care about the village of Maywood. As you drive through this community all I have seen are buildings in poor condition, children walking around doing absolutely nothing and a great deal of destructive behavior. This village has so many programs and still the crime is evident. How is a basketball camp going to help these children get their minds right? How are any of these programs developing the minds because if the mind is not right the rest will follow? I have not seen anything that says these programs are working. If you ask one of these big time preachers to help do something in the community that is not associated with their ministry they refuse. If you ask them to fellowship with one another they refuse. So, how can any of these individuals set an example of getting along if they won’t even sit down at a table with other people of God. You want a child to follow your words when your actions say just the opposite. The village of Maywood is in this situation because those who can make a difference won’t because it is too much money involved in keeping the people down. It is a shame that so much corruption is going on around this community and these so-called Christian folks are shut-up in the church, running home and closing the door until something happens to their family. What happened to it takes a village to raise a child. Right now, Maywood is raising up hard criminals and the blame is placed upon all those who sit by and watch it happen. The light is blown out!

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