Maywood Library Board to Hold Emergency Meeting Tonight @ 5:30pm to Discluss Closing

The Maywood Public Library District Board of Directors will hold an emergency meeting at 5:30 today, Thursday, September 19, 2013, at the Maywood Public Library (121 S. 5th Avenue). The Board will discuss the library’s possibly closing due to fiscal constraints:

Maywood Library Emergency Meeting Agenda


7 thoughts on “Maywood Library Board to Hold Emergency Meeting Tonight @ 5:30pm to Discluss Closing

  1. If you are going, please ask if anyone at Library has talked to Chicago Community Loan Fund. They provide bridge loans to non- profits.

    Sarah Lira Housing Helpers, Inc. 708-707-4008

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  2. I think the library needs a new Executive Director and Library board, to take the library into a new direction. Under Stan Huntington’s direction the library has annexed itself from the Village of maywood, and they created their orn district (now you want the village of Maywood to help out?) citizens have to order boooks from other libraries (myself included). The Libray does not have Kindle books or has been updated to keep up with the “Digital Technology” The library used to have many workshops, trainings and classes available, but they are not offering those either.

    The entire 3rd floor is shut down how about leasing it to a corporate or business to bring in revenue? Or lease the entire older section of the library to a corporation or business to generate revenue.

    Also the library had a developer that was interested in purchasing the land to develop housing for seniors, not residents with section 8 vouchers as he clearly stated why the library decided not to sell the land. The property adjacent to the library was appraised for $500,000.00 (they had a buyer) but Stan said he wanted to sell the property for $1,0000.00. You can’t make someone pay more for the property than what it’s worth! My house has decreased in value from what I paid for it and so

    1. For golly sakes! How many errors are allowable in one short piece before the reader realizes the writer isn’t up to snuff, English-wise? I’ve seen this “author”, anonymous, before. Invariably there are: lapses in logic, absence of fact and context, missing or misspelled words, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Maywood and Maywood’s Library are both indeed in trouble–let’s not pile on more, please.
      To all the “Anons” of the world: re: guts, get some. I NEVER post anonymously, never withhold my name when calling the authorities.

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