Press Release: Walther Lutheran High School Announces Name Change

Walther Lutheran High School, located at 900 Chicago Ave., in Melrose Park, has issued a press release stating that it has adjusted its name “to be inclusive and reflective of the school’s mission and vision.” Below, we’ve published the full release:

Melrose Park, IL September 17, 2013. The Walther Lutheran High School Association, comprised of the grade school (PK-8) in Forest Park and the high school (9-12) in Melrose Park, has undergone a name change and will now be called Walther Christian Academy. Walther’s Board of Directors announced this change as the first big step in a larger school-wide plan of improving, updating, and redefining Walther as an institution that is more than just a school.

“Our adjusted school name and taglines really show who we are. It has become clear to us that families do not understand exactly what an education at Walther does for their student. The new way we present ourselves accurately reflects the standards we hold internally, and the advantages students receive from a Walther education,” proudly explained Walther Board President, Mr. Carl Schroeder. “For 60 years now those involved with the Walther Family have known that we are more than just a school. The rebranding will help explain to prospective families and those who do not know about Walther just what the benefits are of being a part of our excellent programs,” added Head of Schools, Mr. Jim Craven.

Walther Christian Academy has presented and represented Christ to students and families seeking excellence in education, extra curriculars, and fines arts throughout its sixty years of existence.

Walther Christian Academy educates students from over fifty different zip codes and four countries and is a partner school of Concordia University Chicago.

About Walther Christian Academy

Walther Christian Academy Lower School PK-8 in Forest Park is a Christ-centered school which offers high quality academics utilizing the latest in technology and methodology while involving students in a variety of co and extracurricular activities.

Walther Christian Academy Upper School 9-12 in Melrose Park is a Christian college preparatory high school offering excellent academics and a wide variety of opportunities for students to develop their God-given talents in music, athletics, drama, academic competitions and creative outlets.

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