Op-Ed: We Cannot Stand to Let the Library Close


By Mayor Edwenna Perkins

The idea that the Maywood Public Library will close its doors is completely unfathomable. It would be a devastating blow to our village. We have so many intellectual, artistic, and professional people in this community who use the library on a regular basis, and the library has been, and continues to be, an intellectual sanctum and a safe haven for our young citizens.

The fact that the Maywood Public Library came into existence in 1874, a mere five years after the founding of the village, is consistent with the fact that Maywood has a brilliant history of human achievement. The citizens of Maywood have always valued and demanded access to knowledge and information. The holdings in our library are extremely impressive for a town of our size, and the architecture of the building is beautiful and award-winning.

The people will not stand for the closing of our library.  Even in this day and age of high technology, the people of Maywood understand the significance of a quiet library for study and intensive research and for literary and scholarly presentations.  Also, students who do not have internet access at home regularly depend on our library for usage.

My office is prepared to take every reasonable step, and to do what it can, to assist the library in becoming financially stable.  We have to mobilize together, as a community, and save this extremely valued asset with the clear understanding that losing our library would greatly diminish the quality of life in our village.

Edwenna Perkins is the current Mayor of Maywood. You can contact her at 708.450-4486, or lperkinssr@aol.com.

3 thoughts on “Op-Ed: We Cannot Stand to Let the Library Close

  1. That library holds great memories for me and my family. It would be a shame to allow it’s demise. I hope the community will pull together and help you find a solution, Mayor Perkins.

  2. As a retired R.N. and past student of Irving elementary and Proviso East high school I used the library all the time. The closing of OUR Maywood Library would be a great loss to not only students but the adults of our Village as well.

  3. I believe that everyone is behind you, Mayor Perkins, in doing whatever it takes to keep the library open. I certainly am. However, we need to address the restructuring of library management and oversite to make the library become a library again (and not a computer center), fill the shelves with books that are meaningful, in good condition without pages ripped out of them, and remember the intent and purpose of Andrew Carnegie’s library grants.

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