Corrections: August 26 – October 11

In the September 3, 2013, posting, “Village Board Passes 180-Day Moratorium on Retail Licenses, Seeks to Crack Down on Nuisance Stores,” Maywood was referred to as a bedroom community. After some research and consultation with a municipal law expert, it appears that this description of the town is not quite accurate. Bedroom communities are towns that zone in such a way that effectively discourages the development of businesses that might attract significant outside demand. Maywood isn’t one of these towns, although some residents and outsiders may consider it as such. This article has since been emended.

In the October 10, 2013 posting, “Letters: Let the Library Fail,” an editorial letter written by John Yi, we mistakenly misnamed the title. In fact, he titled it, “Let the Library Fall.” This piece has since been emended.



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