BREAKING: Press Conference to Announce Maywood Library Closing Tomorrow, 3pm


The Executive Director of the Maywood Public Library has confirmed that the Library will be closing due to a significant loss of tax revenue, among other factors. A press conference to officially announce the closing will be held tomorrow, October 25, 2013, at 3pm in the rotunda of the Library (121 S. 5th Ave., Maywood IL). For more information, call 708-343-1847. VFP


5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Press Conference to Announce Maywood Library Closing Tomorrow, 3pm

  1. I spoke to many people with a suggestions to have fund raisers but no one showed any interest. It is sad that Maywood can’t even get together to save a house of knowledge. This is Sad. Phyllis Duncan MOMS

  2. It is truly sad that the Maywood Library has temporarily closed it’s doors, but I am confident that they will re-open! I will KEEP HOPE ALIVE that a solution will be found for this unfortunate situation. I was not at the Press Conference so I don’t know what the PLAN is, but I do suspect that many “fundraisers” (outreach) will have to occur to put the library back on sound financial footing. I look forward to how I might help with letterwriting, etc. to entities and individuals that are in a position to help make a difference. Once I know what the plan is, I would also like to involve our youth to be part of the solution in an organized community service/civic education fundraising activity to support the cause. Volunteers are invited to help with this project.

  3. Why are they asking for donations from residents? Why are they asking the village to bail them out? The library has its own taxing body… what are they doing with our tax dollars??? If they lost tax revenue during the housing bubble, then they should have made cut backs accordingly. This is all about MISMANAGEMENT, like many things in Maywood.

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