Checkers Fast Food Franchise Among Maywood Development Proposals Discussed at October 30th, LLOC

1718 S. First Avenue, Maywood IL
1718 S. First Avenue

Michael Romain

Checkers Eyeing Maywood

At an October 30th, Legal License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC) meeting, the Village Board voted unanimously to refer to the Plan Commission specific changes proposed by Checker’s Restaurant to the former site of Kentucky Fried Chicken (1718 S. 1st. Avenue). The Checkers would be corporately-owned. Before closing, the First Avenue KFC was the target of at least one fatal robbery. In 2001, store manager Frankie Mitchell, 36, was shot and killed by two masked gunmen while closing out the night shift.

The specific zoning items that needed the Board’s pre-approval before being considered by the Plan Commission included the replacement and updating of fencing on the long-abandoned property, landscape buffering that would eliminate the pass-through lane for the drive-thru and the modification of the KFC sign according to standards consistent with the Checkers brand. The new and improved Checkers sign would feature an LED reader board.

Healthcare Training Facility in the Works, Potentially Several Years Off

1411 S. 5th Avenue
1411 S. 5th Avenue

In addition to the Checkers proposal, one Dr. Alexander [first name unavailable at press time] went before the Board to discuss the establishment of a healthcare training facility at 1411 S. 5th Avenue. She specifically requested that the Board approve a text amendment, which would change the language of the Village’s zoning code, which does not typically allow the development of vocational schools in C-2 pedestrian districts.

Dr. Alexander, whose school would employ 3 instructors to train approximately 15 students in professional healthcare-related fields, requested that her proposal be exempt from the general prohibition, since her school would not adversely affect existing businesses in the area. According to attorney Michael Jurusik, C-2 commercial districts “are geared to promote sales taxes and this school won’t do that.” However, he noted that if the Board passed a text amendment that took the vocational school as a special use, the Village would have more control over regulating future developments that do not strictly adhere to C-2 guidelines. In other words, a special use text amendment would consider Dr. Alexander’s proposal in isolation, as opposed to framing the amendment to allow vocational schools to be exempted as a category of development.

The Board voted unanimously to allow a text amendment for special use in a C-2 zoning district for a vocational school. Dr. Alexander’s next steps include purchasing an additional corner plot of land to accommodate student and staff parking, a lengthy, complicated process that may take upwards of 2-3 years, according to Community Development Coordinator Angela Smith. VFP

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