PRESS RELEASE: Maywood Public Library Issues Statement on Reopening



NOVEMBER 14, 2013

The Maywood Public Library Board of Trustees is proud to announce the reopening of the Library as of Tuesday, November 12, 2013.

The Village of Maywood has agreed to advance the Library $150,000 from village general operating funds against a TIF balloon payment windfall due the Library in 2015.

The Seaway Bank has agreed to extend the Library $150,000 immediately.

The Library Administrative staff is working temporarily at an 88% reduction in salary. Additional staff members, who have just recently retired, continue to work twelve hours per week for salary compensation. These staff members continue to contribute more than twelve hours weekly on a volunteer basis.

Library hours have been temporarily cut an additional 16 hours weekly until the Library’s financial situation improves. The Library will increase its hours as soon as possible.

The Library reached out to the Director of the Illinois State Library and Maywood’s representative in the Illinois State Legislature and officials at Seaway Bank in June 2013 alerting them of the Library’s difficult financial situation.

An information flyer will be available in the Library on a regular basis to share with the community where the Library stands financially as well as to promote the Library’s on-going programs.

Contact: Stan Huntington, Director

Maywood Public Library District

121 S. Fifth Avenue

Maywood, IL 60153

P: (708) 343-1847

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