Quick News: Park District Commissioner Elliot Wimbush Resigns, Library Makes Friends and Remembers JFK, Village Board Approves $150K Loan, Maywood Resident Goes After Fly Dumpers, District 89 Milestones


6 LOGOSMaywood Public Library Now Has ‘Friends’ Group

The Maywood Public Library recently created a Friends of the Maywood Public Library group. Board President Rose Mosley selected Maywood resident Rhonda Sherrod to head the group.

In the past, Executive Director Stan Huntington has pointed out the absence of a ‘Friends of the Library’ group for the Maywood Library, despite its size. Ms. Sherrod emphasized that the group was still in the early stages of formation. Specific details are still being ironed out.

Maywood Public Library's Kennedy Memorial ExhibitSee the Maywood Public Library’s Kennedy Memorial Exhibit

Friday, November 22, will mark the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s tragic assassination. To commemorate the date, the Maywood Public Library has created a touching exhibit comprising a shelf full of books on JFK’s life and death. Among the titles are: John F. Kennedy by David Pietruza, Assignment: Oswald by James P. Hosty, Case Closed by Gerald Posner, The Kennedy Men by Nellie Bly and John F. Kennedy by Howard Kaplan. Check one out now!

Maywood Park District Commissioner Elliot Wimbush Resigns

Rev. Elliot Wimbush, pastor of the First Congregational Church of Maywood and a member of both the Library and Park District boards has resigned his seat on the latter entity. The precise reasons for Rev. Wimbush’s resignation have yet to be known. Details are forthcoming.

Maywood Village Board Votes on Intergovernmental Loan to Maywood Public Library

At a November 19, Board meeting, the Village Board voted to extend an intergovernmental loan to the Maywood Public Library of not more than $150,000, to be dispensed in no more than $30,000 monthly increments.

The money comes with several strings attached. The Board has the option of placing a second lien (after Seaway Bank’s lien) on the land adjacent, and owned by, the Library and/or placing a lien on the Library’s portion of the personal property tax. In addition to the liens, the Village loan may also require the library to issue regular financial reports to the Village Board, among other requirements.

The infusion of funding from both the Village and Seaway Bank should, according to Village Manager William Barlow, carry the library through 2014, after which point the Library should receive about $400,000 in property tax receipts that will come due as part of the expiration of the St. Charles TIF. The intergovernmental loan still has to be approved and voted on by the Maywood Library Board before it can be implemented.

Maywood Resident Thinks Up Possible Solution to Village’s Fly Dumping Problem

At an October 30th, Legal, License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC) meeting, Maywood resident Jessie Nolan proposed that the Village implement a fly-dumping hotline in order to deal with an increasingly prominent problem in the Village.

Fly-dumping refers to the “dumping of any waste material [such as appliances, old furniture, tires and yard waste] on public or private property without a permit.” Nolan patterned the hotline after a similar one in Chicago.

“In our case, [residents] would call into a dispatch office, acknowledge the license number and the description of the car,” said Nolan.

After the fly dumper is caught, the offending party would be prosecuted, fined and a portion of that fine would be given as a reward to the citizen who “blew the whistle” so to speak.

The Board, as well as Village Manager William Barlow, were overwhelmingly supportive of Mr. Nolan’s idea, although there are still some issues to be addressed.

“Mr. Nolan, I salute you for coming up with this idea,” said Trustee Cheryl Ealey-Cross. “I’ve seen people driving and throw pampers out of the window,” she said, before inquiring whether or not Mr. Nolan consulted with the City of Chicago about its program. Ealey-Cross said that certain problems may arise with enforcing the law, such as citizens misidentifying fly dumpers and being distracted with identifying fly dumpers while driving.

“I think this is an excellent idea,” said Trustee Audrey Jaycox. “But a cost analysis needs to be done.”

Village Manager Barlow received direction from the Board to do further research on the program and to bring his results back to the Board.

District 89 Milestones

Lincoln Elementary Girls and Melrose Park Boys Crowned D89 Soccer Champs:

District 89 Soccer Champs
Photo via @maywood89 (Twitter).

Jane Addams recognized as school with highest percent of student attendance (97.5 percent). Garfield recognized as school with highest percentage of teachers with perfect attendance (32 percent). VFP

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