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We Stand With the Library

The recent dramatic closing and reopening of the Maywood Public Library has jolted many individual citizens and civic organizations throughout the Village–the Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NoMCO) being one of them. After we heard the heart-wrenching news that the library would be forced to close, we raised a motion that was passed by an overwhelming majority of our membership that articulated our deep support of the library in the midst of its current troubles. The library is the bedrock institution in Maywood. It is the lifeblood of this town’s knowledge and resource base. And as a community, when it falters, we should be right there kneeling to block its fall.

The majority of our membership is well aware of the shortfalls of this town’s elected officials and the employees hired to run its various taxing districts. There are things that should have been done to prevent the nightmare scenario that played out in October. There are things that still need to be done yet. We know this. We know the reputation our town has for mismanagement and corruption. The blame for the library’s closure is diffuse–there’s plenty to go around. But as proactive citizens, we’re not in the business of focusing our energies on attributing blame. We’re in the business of finding and implementing solutions as citizens and as neighbors.

One such solution that we’ve discussed is for the library to utilize our membership as a potential ongoing volunteer pool that may be tapped to supplement the lack of personnel. As citizens, we never again want to be caught blindsided in the manner we were in October. We now understand that the best way to ensure that that doesn’t happen is to increase our sense of ownership of, and fidelity to, one of Maywood’s most vital resources.


The Members of NoMCO

One thought on “Letters: NoMCO Stands By the Library

  1. Of course we stand with the library and I believe some mistakes were made that accelerated the fiscal crisis but I know and trust EVERY member of the totally unpaid library board and the staff is just outstanding. I appreciate how the village board unanimously came to a partial rescue of the library. Finally as I constantly comment even when being deeply critical of some decisions or “travels” do NOT, and I repeat, does not make Maywood local government be it the village, the library, the park and school district have a history of corruption but some history of mismanagement. Towns like Bellwood, Cicero and several others nearby have much more history of “corruption.” So i don’t know who keeps throwing that word into a NoMCO member statement but I strongly disagree. Gary Woll

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