Sen. Don Harmon: Resources for State Illinois Retiree Health Benefits with Medicare, Open Enrollment Ends This Friday

Dear Friends,

This week, I hosted informational seminars to discuss changes to State of Illinois retiree health benefits for members with Medicare. Changes apply to members who are part of the College Insurance Program, the State Insurance Program and the Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program. These Medicare-approved plans include hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage. Open enrollment ends this Friday, December 13, 2013.

Many retirees have asked me which doctors and hospitals would be participating in these health plans. For information on doctors and hospitals in the United Healthcare (UHC) plan, click here. In addition to the website information, other providers may also be willing to accept United Healthcare patients. If you have a specific provider in mind, please feel free to also contact UHC at (888)223-1092. For the Humana plan, click here. Please feel free to contact my Constituent Service Office at (708)848-2002 if you have additional questions.

I hope this information will be of help if you are still deciding which plan to choose and for future decisions regarding your health care.

Thank you.

Don Harmon
Senator Don Harmon
39th District – Illinois

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