Update: Line Item Budget Proposal for Expiring St. Charles TIF Fund Released

Originally published: December 17, 2013

By Michael Romain

At a December 11, LLOC meeting, Village Manager William Barlow presented a staff proposal of final TIF disbursements from the St. Charles TIF fund, which is set to expire this year. Mr. Barlow projected $3.9M in revenues for the St. Charles TIF in 2014, in addition to another $2.9M in carryovers, for a total of $6.8M. Among the items that Mr. Barlow and his staff have proposed for approval are the costs to the Metra Station totaling about $1M; police station repairs totaling $160K; pollution remediation for the former Kerry Young property on 1st and Ohio totaling $200K; $40K for a TIF financial consultant; $1.7M for Fire Station 1 renovations; 1st and Lake pollution remediation totaling $200K; alley improvements totaling $440K; $160K for the Village’s facade improvement program; and $340K for outside agencies (Bataan Day Memorial, Operation Uplift and the Maywood Public Library).

A more detailed list of proposed TIF disbursements is below. Click each image to expand. To access the original PDF document that includes these items, click here. If you’d like more detailed information on any proposed budget item listed below, send  your request in an email to thevillagefreepress@gmail.com. VFP

St. Charles TIF Administration and Projects

St. Charles TIF Administration and New Projects

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