Help West Suburban PADS Help the Homeless

If it’s cold to you, imagine how it may feel to someone without a heated home to go to. If you have any winter items you don’t need, please drop them off at the West Suburban PADS Support Center (1851 S. 9th Avenue, Maywood, IL/Lexington St. Entrance). Their hours are 8am to 3pm on Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri; and 8am to 1pm on Wednesdays. They’ll be taking things throughout the winter. To learn more about West Suburban PADS in general, read this article, or visit their website.

One thought on “Help West Suburban PADS Help the Homeless

  1. I’m looking for assistance after I was left in a slum, and the programs I requested to assist with ending my homelessness, secured another level of homelessness and after I complained, left me to my own recognances for not participating in behavior that was not removing the second delibrate application of homelessness. I was put in a dump on purpose. They stopped giving me assist when I complained that a dump shouldn’t be paid full price for. I’m an advocate that renter allotment should be at the cost of living to the individual not born rich and a debit card for citizens not born rich must be issued. I need assist out of the slum to have my children. I can’t have children in filth.

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