NOMCO Appreciates William Barlow

THE OPINION PAGEWhen William Barlow was introduced as Maywood’s Village Manager in 2011, the announcement came as a breath of fresh air to many citizens. We, the members of Neighbors of Maywood  Community Organization (NOMCO), were among them.

During Mr. Barlow’s brief time at the helm, he has brought to our Village government a level of professionalism, competence and commitment that will be sorely missed. However, we expect Mr. Barlow’s successor—whoever he or she may be—to emulate his example.

While the members of NOMCO are saddened to hear of Mr. Barlow’s retirement, we wish him continued blessings in whatever avenues he seeks to explore in the future. And we appreciate him for the work he’s done on our behalf.

The Members of the Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NOMCO) VFP

NOMCO, established in 1968, is one of Maywood’s oldest civic organizations. It has been a consistent and active proponent of historical preservation and volunteerism, among other issues. 

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