Real Quick Politics: What To Do With All Those Judges?

Monday, March 17, 2014

For anyone who has ever experienced a bout of choice anxiety on election day once you reach the bottom of the ballot and see all of those unfamiliar names beside a bunch of circuits and vacancies and subcircuits, ultimately deciding simply to resolve the conundrum by random selection or, perhaps worse, some arbitrary rubric such as whether a name betrays a certain ethnicity or gender or congeniality–the Chicago Sun-Times has produced this handy chart for you. The chart itself, while pretty big and overwhelming, at least provides some clues as to a judicial candidate’s fitness for the position he or she is seeking by tracking what the various lawyers’s associations (i.e., his or her peers) think of said candidate.  To access a printable version of the chart to take with you to the polls, click on the image below:

Sun-Times Judicial Guide

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