Real Quick Politics: Live Blogging Election Night 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 || By Michael Romain

7:55pm – Maya del Sol, Oak Park, IL 

Oak Park Democrats are here in force. State Senator Don Harmon (D-39th), whose district now covers a sliver of Maywood’s north side, is here; as is State Rep. Camille Lilly (D-78th). As of yet, no sighting of Blake Sercye, candidate for First District Cook County Commissioner. Presently, with 55 of 92 suburbanprecincts reported, Sercye is leading the field of five in the suburbs with 41 percent of the vote. Richard Boykin currently has 21 percent; Brenda Smith has 15 percent; Isaac “Ike” Carothers has 11 percent; and Ronald Lawless has 4 percent (percentages are rounded). Click here for up-to-date results.

While here, I had the opportunity to speak with Sen. Harmon, whose been representing the 39th district since 2003. Sen. Harmon, who faces Democratic challenger Bob Galhotra, has a commanding lead, with at least 83 percent of the vote (72 of 88 precincts reported).

Mr. Harmon on representing a portion of Maywood:

Don Harmon
Sen. Don Harmon

“Maywood’s new to my district. For the first ten years in the General Assembly, I didn’t have Maywood. But municipal districts are all artificial. We’re all neighbors and we rise and fall together.” 

8:20pm – Maya del Sol, Oak Park, IL

Blake Sercye just arrived. Room is filling up. A news crew is here, but which station I don’t know. Other election returns: Current Democratic Committeewoman Karen Yarbrough leads challenger James “Papa” Brewer 72 percent to 28 percent. Governor Pat Quinn and Paul Vallas lead Democratic challengers Tio Hardiman and Brunell Donald 80 percent to 20 percent (percentages rounded). Sidenote: Mr. Hardiman’s has a satellite campaign office inside of Maywood’s Global Business Center, along with commissioner candidate Ronald Lawless. More election results here.

9:07 pm- Carleton of Oak Park, Grand Ballroom, Oak Park, IL

Richard Boykin campaign headquarters very lively. Michael Jackson blaring over the speakers. No sign yet of Mr. Boykin. Mostly volunteers present. I encountered candidate for Cook County Subcircuit Judge (11th District) Gina Crumble. District-wide returns have Boykin leading Mr. Sercye by about 400 votes. For more in-depth election coverage, visit

9:26pm- Carleton of Oak Park, Grand Ballroom, Oak Park, IL

Raw numbers from Boykin campaign volunteer:

  • Boykin: 5822
  • Sercye: 5331
  • Carothers: 4221

Most precincts that have yet to report are in the City of Chicago.

9:41pm —  Carleton of Oak Park, Grand Ballroom, Oak Park, IL

The room erupted in applause during entrance of Rep. Danny K. Davis. It’s being murmured that Mr. Boykins has just been declared the winner. VFP

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