Regular Board Meeting Tonight, 7 PM, @ Village Chambers: PREVIEW: New Budget, Anti-Loitering Ordinance To Be Approved, Hiring Of New Acting Village Manager, More…

A Regular meeting of the Maywood Board of Trustees is scheduled for tonight, Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 7 PM, at Village Chambers (125 S. 5th Avenue). Click here to access the agenda.

Brief Meeting Preview:

  • The FY 2013/14 Budget will be up for approval. Click here to read the budget in its entirety.

  • The Board will consider the approval of a new anti-loitering ordinance, in addition to a new ordinance regulating convenience stores. This issue was discussed last year, before a moratorium on the issuance of new permits was put in place. Click here for more background information.

  • The Village will consider the approval of employee health insurance renewal for FY 2014/15.

  • The hiring of a new acting village manager, Kenneth Lopez, will be under review. Mr. Lopez will replace current acting village manager David Myers, who was former village manager William Barlow’s assistant village manager.

  • The Village will consider the approval of a settlement agreement for Carl Foreside. The details of this case are as yet unknown. VFP

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