Canaan AME Church To Host FREE Resurrection Dinner, April 12th @ 3PM

Rev. Rice
Rev. Calvin Rice, pastor of Canaan AME Church.

We are inviting anyone who is homeless, those who are less fortunate and any senior citizen who finds it difficult to prepare their own dinner to a pre-Easter dinner on Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 3pm to 6pm, at Canaan AME  Church, 801 S. 14th Avenue, Maywood, IL. If you know of anyone who is in need, please send them our way. We will serve until all food has been given out. Debra Ray, Coordinator. VFP

One thought on “Canaan AME Church To Host FREE Resurrection Dinner, April 12th @ 3PM

  1. This is a wonderful idea and Pastor Rice and Canaan Church should be applauded for this type of community outreach. But I am not surprised at this outreach because Canaan has been extremely supportive of the Maywood Youth Mentoring Program in hosting workshops that we have conducted including our 1st planning meeting six years ago for our monthly free youth breakfast, several anger management sessions for males, the teen parenting classes conducted by Catholic Charities, and a variety of other summer events with youth participating in the summer youth employment program. Indeed, for the past three 1st Saturdays, Canaan has hosted our monthly free youth breakfasts while our normal venue (the VOM 200 S. 5th Avenue building) is under repair due to water damage. I am so very grateful to Pastor Rice and Canaan church for their support of MYM and will do whatever I can to support this pre-Easter event to help make it a success (including my personal donation to help make it a success for those in need).

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