BREAKING: Gunshot Victim Reported In Shooting Near Walther Christian Academy; District 89 Implemented Soft Lockdown

Thursday, April 10, 2014 || 4:19PM

New developments have surfaced about the shooting that took place near Walther Christian Academy in Melrose Park earlier today. According to a letter sent home to parents by District 89 officials in response to the incident, someone was indeed shot, but the suspects are still at large. An initial report posted earlier today had said that there were no injuries connected to the shooting.

The letter also indicated that District 89 implemented a soft lockdown, which entailed staff double-checking to ensure that doors were locked, making sure all students were inside of their classrooms and ensuring that staff was more of a presence when students were dismissed, among other precautions. There is no word yet on whether or not the stricter safety procedures will be in place tomorrow as well.

The shooting took place in an alley west of Walter Christian Academy’s athletic fields, located on the 900 block of Chicago Avenue in Melrose Park. The incident allegedly involved 10-12 teenagers, none of whom are students at the high school.

“We have no idea where they came from,” said, Jim Craven, Walther’s principal. He said that school officials notified the police after discovering that a fight was taking place and went into lock down after shots were fired.

“Our kids did what they had practiced and everybody’s safe,” Mr. Craven said.

An official with the Melrose Park police department said that updates on the case are forthcoming. VFP


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