This Day In Maywood History (April 11, 2014): Percy Julian Was Born; Google Honors The Famed Chemist With A Doodle

Friday, April 11, 2014 


Although Percy Julian wasn’t born in Maywood (his birthplace is Montgomery, Alabama), this day, April 11, 1899, would become a milestone years later, after the up-and-coming scientist moved to the Village. Here, he would play an active part in the civil rights struggle–leading the NAACP’s struggle to desegregate Maywood’s public accommodations and becoming very active in District 89–before moving to nearby Oak Park in the 1950s. He was that town’s first African-American resident. Today, Dr. Julian, who would’ve been 115, was honored with his very own Google Doodle, which is no doubt way more significant than appearing on a stamp as far as anyone under 40 is concerned.

Hopefully, the Maywoodian’s likeness gracefully splayed across computer screens around the world–if only for a day–will prompt a whole new generation of young people to reflect on his accomplishments. And perhaps, by way of reflection, they may come to discover Maywood in a way that would make any old timer proud. To read about Dr. Julian, one can do much worse than this very fresh article published today by the Washington Post. VFP

Courtesy Google 2014.

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