FREE ProActive Kids Summer Program To Run June 9th to August 1st, Enroll Online Now

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ProActive Kids will be offering Summer program running June 9 – August 1, 2014. READ MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM BELOW (FROM THE WEBSITE):

ProActive Kids is a special and sensitive program designed for kids ages 8-14 who are struggling with their weight. The program offers a safe environment where they can workout and learn about nutrition and the types of foods they should be eating, how much, how often, etc. The program also focuses on their self-esteem, body image, stress, feelings and a variety of other issues that can be caused by being overweight.

The program is offered FREE by the hospitals who so generously offer the program in their communities. (PAK does not require any proof of insurance or medical coverage).

Children may struggle with their weight for a variety of reasons — genetics, too much food, not enough exercise, parents don’t know what or how to cook, hoarding of food, binging, low self-esteem, and many more.

We are here to help identify the obstacles and challenges to maintaining a healthy weight and help your family make decisions that will create a healthier lifestyle and ultimately, help your child lose weight (and perhaps you, too).

ProActive Kids teaches kids and their families ways to improve health through Exercise, Nutrition Lessons, and Lifestyle Discussions over 8 weeks. It is a commitment of time and energy, but will ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle if the lessons are practiced consistently at home.

This life-changing experience is offered FREE to kids who want to learn new exercises,  lose weight, eat right and be more confident.  (BMI is 85th percentile or above).

Summer Programming will be offered at the following locations:

Downers Grove (Starts at 5 pm)  At Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center –
Funded by Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

Melrose Park, IL – At Gottlieb Memorial Hospital – Funded by Loyola University Health System

Park Ridge/Niles, IL  – At Gemini  Junior High School – Funded by Advocate Children’s Hospital – Park Ridge

All locations will be enrolling for Fall 2014.

Requirements for Enrollment

1. Your child must be struggling with unhealthy weight. This is classified by being in the 85th percentile and above in their BMI. Not sure if your child qualifies, first visit this website for a general calculation of BMI  and then the BMI percentile chart will show you their percentile based on their BMI number. If you need help, just give us a call!

2. Children must be between the ages of 8 and 14. 

3. You will need the physician referral form to be signed by your physician for your child to particpate in the program. PAK will need the form signed within first two weeks of program start. ProActive Kids Physician Referral Form

4. The program is offered FREE by the hospitals who so generously offer the program in their communities. (PAK does not require any proof of insurance or medical coverage).

5. Don’t forget to indicate which location you are enrolling for.  All locations begin at 4 pm unless otherwise noted.

  1. Cadence Health in St. Charles
  2. Edward Hospital in Woodridge
  3. Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove (5 pm start)
  4. Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn
  5. Advocate Children’s Hospital Niles/Park Ridge
  6. Loyola University Medical Center in Melrose Park, IL

If you have any questions or problems with enrollment, please call 630-681-1558 or email

Please ensure you enter the correct/preferred email address as that is how we get in touch with you. You will receive an enrollment confirmation via email as well as all other PAK information prior to the start date –  Please read it all carefully. 

We look forward to your participation in PAK!


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