Letters: District 209’s Freshman Summer Support Program Is A Resource That We Need To Use

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Last night I attended the D209 Information Session on new programs being implemented at the district. I was alarmed to learn that parents are not taking advantage of a special program designed for struggling incoming students.  Based on eighth grade test scores, the district created a special program and sent invitations to the parents of those students who could most benefit.  The Freshman Summer Support Program is being offered for 20 half days during June and July.   To date, only 14 students have signed up for the 120 available slots at both East and West (60 each).

The district indicated that they met with the D89 principals to explain the program, and sent letters home.  However, parents are not following through to sign-up their students.  The program is free; transportation is not provided.

Because this program is not available to all students (only those with demonstrated academic need based on test scores),  it is difficult to target an outreach to these parents.   Thus, please talk this up within your families, churches, and community to encourage parents to get their eligible students signed up ASAP.   Notifications were sent home to eligible students, so parents know if this is available to their students.   As classes begin in early June, this is urgent.

The district’s letter and brief sign-up form (English and Spanish) can be found here: sy14_freshman_summer_support_program_east. Please talk this up and pass this on!

Thank you,

Barbara D. Cole, Director || Maywood Youth Mentoring Program, Inc.

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