STREET VIEW: An Abandoned Home Presents Problems For 14th Avenue Residents, A Deep Pothole, Hazardous Ash Trees

Pavement IllustrationMonday, June 8, 2014 

‘Street View’ is a new series that offers a snapshot of the state of Maywood’s infrastructure from a street-level perspective. This is a real-time report on potholes, abandoned homes, snow removal, littering, fly-dumping sites, possible code violations and numerous other public works-related complaints (and success stories) we receive from residents. Consider this a virtual Board Meeting, where public comment is ongoing. If you know of any problem areas in the Village that need to be addressed, please tell us in the comments section below or email your comments and/or photos to All input is welcome, but please keep it civil. We’ll make sure that the Village addresses your concerns in a timely manner. Note that this series is not a vehicle for berating Village employees or elected officials; rather, it’s to be a tool for taking inventory of things that need to be improved across Maywood and communicating with the public the status of those improvements.


Abandoned Home IAbandoned Home IIAbandoned Home IIIAbandoned Home IV

A resident complained in late May of an abandoned house at 409 S. 14th Avenue that presents a host of problems for those who live on that block. The house “needs to be torn down,” the resident said. “Open doors are blocked. Skunks, rats, racoons, rats…squatters. The house needs to be gone.” The pictures above were taken at approximately 8:50 PM, Sunday, June 9, 2014.


PotholePothole II

At a May 28, 2014, LLOC Meeting, a resident complained about a “hole in the pavement just as you turn the corner” at 10th and Warren. “It needs to be addressed with something, if nothing more than a metal plate,” she said. The pictures above were taken at approximately 8:40 PM, Sunday, June 9, 2014.


Dying OakDying Oak II

Yesterday, a resident complained about two ash trees near the corner of 17th and Oak that are dying and need to be removed. One is near the S.E. corner of Oak St., and the other is near the N.W. corner closer to the alley on Oak St. One of the dying trees has limbs that protrude out over the street and sidewalk, which presents a hazard to anyone walking or driving beneath them. The limbs may be particularly hazardous during storms. The pictures above were taken at approximately 8:55 PM, Sunday, June 9, 2014. VFP

There were more complaints that flowed in this week and those will be published in the order received. Again, please send your input to Include the precise location of the trouble spot and describe the problem as clearly and as tersely as possible. PICTURES ARE ENCOURAGED. All residents will remain anonymous unless they suggest otherwise.

CORRECTION: The original version of this posting listed the abandoned property incorrectly as 1409 S. 14th, instead of 409 S. 14th. This posting has since been emended. 


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  1. the body of your mail on the abandon house is given two different addresses which is it? 409 or 1409?

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