Fire On 1300 Block Of St. Charles; Chief Bronaugh Gives Tour Of New Ambulance

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Maywood Firefighters returning from putting out a fire that occurred on the 1300 block of St. Charles Road. (Photo by Michael Romain for The Village Free Press).

Thursday, June 14, 2014 || By Michael Romain

MAYWOOD–The Maywood Fire Department has extinguished a fire that broke out inside of a vacant house at 1306 S. St. Charles Road. Chief Craig Bronaugh said the fire happened at approximately 7:24 PM. According to reports, it started in the basement and spread to the first floor. There were no injuries reported.

Bronaugh noted that this is the second fire this month that’s broke out inside of a vacant home. On Wednesday, June 4, a fire broke out at around 12:37 AM, at 1412 S. 7th Avenue. The Chief said that the outbreak of fires occurring within vacant home is not typical for the summer. Usually, fires within abandoned homes are prevalent within the winter. This past winter, however, there were relatively few fires started at vacant homes in the Village. The Chief said that the fires could be attributed to squatters, or people who inhabit homes that are vacant.

Chief Gives Tour of New Ambulance


Before the fire on St. Charles Road, the Chief was slated to be the guest speaker during a Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NOMCO) meeting held today at Fire Station No. 2 (1220 S. 17th Avenue). However, because of the fire, he and his crew were diverted. When he returned, though, he was focused on making it up.

After the NOMCO meeting was adjourned, he allowed those in attendance a glimpse inside of the brand new ambulance that was recently purchased by the Village. The new vehicle should be in service within the next few weeks, Bronaugh said. In addition to the new purchase, he said his department is hoping that the Village finalizes the lease on a second brand new ambulance.

Once that happens, the department can set its sights on replenishing its aging fleet of fire engines. The one at Station No. 2 is 18 years old, according to the Chief. It was purchased in 1997 at a price of $330,00. “It’s been really reliable over the years,” Bronaugh said, referencing the engine. VFP



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