A Maywood Resident Is Going To The White House And She Wants To Take Your Concerns With Her


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Thursday, June 19, 2014 || By Michael Romain

Maywood resident JoAnn Murphy has been nominated to attend the White House Summit on Working Families, which will take place this Monday, June 23, 2014, in Washington, D.C. Murphy, a member of Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NOMCO), is interested to hear what kinds of solutions Maywood residents have to offer to the problems that will be discussed at the Summit.

“I’m interested in hearing what kinds of solutions the community wants our national leaders to consider at this event. I’m interested in hearing their ideas about all sorts of things, such as workplace conditions, income levels, childcare, job growth and support for businesses,” Murphy said.

If you want your voice to be represented in Washington, D.C., you should forward your thoughts and ideas to MaywoodWorkingFamilies@comcast.net, thevillagefreepress@gmail.com or simply share your opinions, questions and concerns in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. Please respond no later than Saturday, June 21, 2014.

“I am so honored to be nominated to attend this important event and represent Maywood,” Murphy said. “I look forward to hearing from individuals and business owners alike who hope their voices get heard in Washington.”

For more information on the summit, please click here. VFP

Correction: This article has been amended to reflect the changes in Mrs. Murphy’s comments below. 

2 thoughts on “A Maywood Resident Is Going To The White House And She Wants To Take Your Concerns With Her

  1. Just a few clarifications…The event is not at the White House but really close to it! Also, while many of the issues to be discussed are very clear and have been decided, solutions have not. I look forward to bringing what Maywood has to offer in helping to resolve some of the issues. Please chime in.

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