Special Meeting Scheduled To Discuss Appointment, Employment And Compensation Of A Village Manager, Tomorrow, June 28, 9 AM

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Friday, June 27, 2014

A special meeting of the Village Board of Trustees is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, June 28, 2014, 9 AM, at the Village Chambers (125 S. 5th Avenue) to discuss “the appointment, employment and compensation of a Village Manager (Village Manager Candidates for Initial Interviews).” VFP

One thought on “Special Meeting Scheduled To Discuss Appointment, Employment And Compensation Of A Village Manager, Tomorrow, June 28, 9 AM

  1. I was present Saturday during most of the interview of Patrick DeGrave via Skype for the village manager position. I Googled DeGrave and discovered that he was recently forced to resign from his job as manager of Menasha, Wisconsin, and for resigning he was paid $138K. Seems that DeGrave sent some emails were of a personal nature, the content of which were not revealed to the pubic or the press, but were evidently enough for Menasha’s board to push him to resign with a rather nice pay-out, or be fired. DeGrave was, at least to me, unimpressive with his answers to the questions asked by the Trustees, Mayor, Acting Village Manager, and Clerk. He didn’t seem to know a whole lot about Maywood and I did not detect any excitement about the potential of working in our Village.

    We cannot have another tainted Village Manager in Maywood who either put some inappropriate comments of a personal nature in an email using the town’s email system, or disseminated some type of personally identifiable information in an email, and who was forced to resign over any reason. Remember Jason Ervin. Remember Bill Barlow and all the apparently stupid things he signed, arranged for, or entered into much to the detriment of the Village’s reputation and financial health.

    I urge whoever is screening candidates to be interviewed for the Village Manager position to investigate the candidates using the internet to find out what is or is not known to the public or the media because they will save themselves a lot of time, effort and the wrath of and potential legal action by the citizens of Maywood should they hire DeGrave or any other person with a questionable background.

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