BREAKING: Maywood Police Arrest 8 For Prostitution, Which Makes At Least 20 Prostitution-Related Arrests In About Two Weeks

ProstitutionThursday, July 10, 2014 || By Michael Romain 

Eight women were arrested for prostitution during routine patrol activity that spanned the duration of the midnight shift, from 11 PM on July 8 to 7 AM on July 9. All of the arrests occurred along the Madison Avenue corridor–at 5th, 9th, 15th and 17th Streets.

This most recent rash of arrests, which was headed by Sgt. Patrick Granberry, was not part of Operation Clean Sweep– a collaboration between the the Maywood Police Department and the Cook County Sheriff’s department. However, combined with the 11 arrested in the Clean Sweep sting conducted on June 26th, this marks at least 20 prostitution-related arrests in Maywood in about two weeks.

Police Chief Valdimir Talley said that the arrests were a reflection of his mission to make the Village a prostitution-free zone. He said that he intends to conduct a minimum of four more stings with the Sheriff’s department throughout the course of the year. Last year, he said, the police department only conducted one prostitution sting.

“I got a philosophy on this. My expectations of everybody in the community is to help the police department make this a vintage village,” he said. “We’re a wonderful place to live and grow kids. We have decided that this is going to be a prostitution-free zone. We have ordinances, laws and statutes that prohibit prostitution and we’re going to rigorously enforce them.”

Three of the women were originally charged with felonies, including one who was caught soliciting within 1,000 feet of a school. The charges of those three, however, were eventually reduced to misdemeanors in accordance to a change in state law. All eight women face misdemeanors and are due in bond court soon, where any fines and penalties will be set by a judge.

Chief Talley commended Sgt. Granberry, as well as the entire force, for the progress he believes has been made during his tenure.

“I’ve heard the public commenting about the increase in patrols, but that comes from village trustees making it possible for us to have new vehicles,” he said. “You’ve seen changes in the way the officers dress as well, because there’s a level of expectation.

“I believe the officers have adopted the leadership concepts that I am presenting to them and now they are becoming aggressive with how the’y’re dealing with certain types of criminal activity, because they know I’ll support them,” Talley said.

As of press time, Sgt. Granberry could not be reached for comment. The identities of the women who were arrested will be released in this week’s police report. VFP

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