Maywood Native Shines In Goodman Theater Musical “Brigadoon,” Gets Nod From The New York Times

brigadoon-master675(Jordan Brown, left foreground, with Olivia Renteria in “Brigadoon” at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. Photo credit: Liz Lauren || The New York Times).

Olivia Renteria

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 || By Michael Romain

Maywood’s own Olivia Renteria is making a splash in the musical “Brigadoon” at the Goodman Theater. The Maywood Fine Arts dancer is a graduate of the Chicago Academy for the Arts High School, where she majored in musical theater. Last summer, she studied dance at the Julliard School in New York City on a full scholarship. She also studies ballet with the Civic Ballet of Chicago.

A July 14, article in the New York Times mentions Renteria’s execution of the musical’s choreography:

“The musical’s post-”Oklahoma!” provenance also means that music, dance and drama are tightly integrated as they rarely are in musicals today. “Brigadoon” has reams of dance music, all of which has been retained. Ms. Rockwell’s choreography, paying honorable homage to the innovations of Agnes de Mille, ranges from balletic solos for Jean, danced with an airy lightness by the sprightly Ms. Renteria, to intricate folk dances, including a wedding celebration number, with the men in kilts flicking their stocking calves back and forth with nimble grace, arms held aloft in traditional poses.”

“Brigadoon” runs through August 17 at the Goodman Theater. Click here to get your tickets. VFP


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2 thoughts on “Maywood Native Shines In Goodman Theater Musical “Brigadoon,” Gets Nod From The New York Times

  1. As a Maywoodian and friends of the Renteria, Baumann, and Maywood Fine Arts family, we are so excited about Olivia momentum,

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