Quick News: Village Releases 2013 Water Quality Report, Announces Tougher Pit Bull Ordinance In Summer Newsletter

Friday, July 18, 2014 || By Michael Romain

Water Quality Report for Maywood lists no violations

Screenshot 2014-07-18 at 4.00.21 PMIn the summer edition of its quarterly newsletter, published last month, the Village released its 2013 water quality report and demonstrated a renewed commitment to enforcing tougher amendments to its Pit Bull ordinance that were enacted in 2006.

According to the water quality report, Maywood incurred no drinking water quality violations last year, but public works officials said that immuno-compromised residents, including those undergoing chemotherapy, “people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some eldery [and] infants” can still be susceptible to some contaminants present in both drinking and bottled water. Village officials urged those susceptible residents to seek advice from healthcare experts.

Among the contaminants that may still be present in drinking water that has nonetheless cleared state and federal quality standards include microbial contaminants from sewage treatment and septic systems; inorganic contaminants, such as metals and salts from water run-off and industrial waste water; radioactive contaminants that are either naturally occurring or the result of industrial activities; and pesticides and herbicides from commercial agricultural production.

Maywood purchases its water from the City of Chicago, which utilizes Lake Michigan as a primary source for drinking water. The water from Lake Michigan that goes to Maywood is treated at the Jardine Water Purification Plant, which services the northern parts of Chicago and its suburbs.

Village gets tougher on Pit Bulls

Pit-bull-wire-muzzle-with-rubber-covering-big According to information in the Village’s newsletter, Pit Bulls “are leading bite counts across U.S. cities and counties.” The newsletter references the website dogsbite.org while reinforcing the magnitude of a Pit Bull attack–the dog’s “hold and shake bite style causes severe bone and muscle damage, often inflicting permanent and disfiguring injury.”

As a result of resident complaints and in lieu of the severity of the public threat that Pit Bulls may pose, the Village is reinforcing a 2006 amendment to its Pit Bull Restriction Ordinance, which included the following regulations:

No owner shall permit a Pit Bull outside of its enclosure unless securely muzzled;

No village permit shall be issued for ownership of a Pit Bull for a residence that is within 1,500 feet of a school, public park, playground, daycare facility or other similar facility. This division shall apply to Pit Bulls who resided at such a residence prior to the effective date of this amendatory ordinance of 2006 and for whom valid Village permits evidencing such residency had been previously obtained.

Last month, the Maywood Police department conducted a canine registry, which was intended to gather useful data on dog ownership in the Village. The newsletter announced that the fines for violating the Pit Bull ordinance range from $50 to $1,000. The Village urges any owners with un-registered dogs to contact Maywood Police immediately. VFP

For a electronic file of the Village’s June newsletter, click here.

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