Shooting Breaks Out on Eisenhower Expressway After Early Morning Car Crash

Police Lights

Sunday, August 3, 2014  || By Michael Romain 

An early morning car crash on the Eisenhower Expressway east of the First Avenue exit in Maywood resulted in a Cook County Sheriff’s officer firing his weapon at a man who had fled the scene of the crash, according to Sheriff’s officials.

The officer had approached the two-vehicle crash to see if anyone was injured, when someone on the scene of the incident told him that an armed man had fled from the crash site on foot. According to the Chicago Tribune:

“The officers pursued the man and in the course of the pursuit, an officer ‘discharged his weapon,” [Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sophia] Ansari said. No one was hit by gunfire, Ansari said, and the individual was taken into custody near the scene of the accident. That person is being treated for injuries sustained in the accident.”

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