BREAKING: Broadview Man Sentenced to 40 Years for 2011 Maywood Murder

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014 || By Michael Romain 

The Office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez has announced today that a Broadview man convicted in the 2011 murder of Tyrone Carter, 48, outside of a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant at 1019 W. Roosevelt Road in Maywood has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. Gregory Coppage, 56, (pictured left) was convicted of murdering Carter after the two men, both employees of the restaurant, got into an altercation in the drive-thru. Coppage allegedly hit and ran over Carter with his vehicle. According to the account of events by the State’s Attorney:

“On November 19, 2011, Carter drove to the drive-thru of a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant on Roosevelt Road in Maywood. Coppage drove into the line right behind Carter, cutting off another vehicle. Carter exited his car and went to Coppage’s car, where they exchanged words. Carter then retrieved a stick from his car, struck Coppage’s car several times and then walked away, heading towards the front of the restaurant. Coppage backed his vehicle out of the drive-thru line and drove towards Carter, striking him with the car, causing him to fall on the hood of Coppage’s car. Coppage then slammed on his brakes, causing Carter to fall off the hood and onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, where Coppage drove over him. Coppage then drove off the sidewalk, into oncoming traffic, made a U-turn and ran over Carter a second time before fleeing the scene. Several witnesses at the scene were able to get Coppage’s license plate number and report it to police.

“Coppage was convicted in June during a bench trial before Cook County Judge Noreen Love. Judge Love sentenced Coppage to the 40 year prison sentence during a hearing yesterday at the Maywood Courthouse. State’s Attorney Alvarez thanked Assistant State’s Attorneys Jennifer Hanus and Sheri Bennet as well as the Maywood Police Department for their work in this case.” VFP

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