Potentially Crowded Race for Three Trustee Seats Begins Tuesday, August 26, When Nominating Petitions Circulate

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Monday, August 25, 2014 || By Michael Romain 

Maywood’s next local election is next year in April, but campaign preparations are already beginning. In 2015, Maywood voters will decide whether to reelect Trustees Cheryl Ealey-Cross, Audrey Jaycox and Ronald Rivers — all of whose seats will be up for grabs — or to elect someone new to fill any, or perhaps all, of those positions. Established political parties and independent candidates for those three seats will be allowed to begin circulating their nomination papers on Tuesday, August 26; while September 25 is the first day “of intention to file a petition to create a political subdivision whose officers are to be elected,” according to the state’s 2015 Election and Campaign Finance Calendar.

Trustees Cheryl Ealey-Cross and Audrey Jaycox were both appointed last year. Cross was appointed by Mayor Edwenna Perkins to fill the vacancy that arose after Perkins, who was a sitting trustee when she ran for mayor, successfully challenged former Mayor Henderson Yarbrough. Trustee Jaycox, who relinquished her trustee seat in order to run for Village clerk, was appointed last May by outgoing Mayor Yarbrough. Trustee Ron Rivers will be running for reelection to a seat he won four years ago. It’s suspected that all of them will run for reelection.

There’s been increasing chatter about possible candidates who may run next year for those three seats. Since trustees do not each represent separate areas of the Village, they are elected based on their respective shares of a total vote tally; so the three candidates with the highest vote totals will win the three seats. Already, as many as ten names have been informally floated about as possible candidates. Marcius Scaggs, a candidate for trustee on the All in for Maywood ticket who narrowly lost in last year’s election — he garnered seven voters fewer than sitting Trustee Antoinette Dorris — has confirmed that he will be running again.

There’s also been talk of other All in for Maywood ticket members running next year. Possible, but still unconfirmed, names include Isiah Brandon and Gil Guzman. Brandon ran unsuccessfully on the All in for Maywood ticket, but was removed from the ballot before the election. He ultimately ran as a write-in candidate. Guzman was a trustee before relinquishing that seat in his bid for mayor in last year’s election. He finished a strong third to Perkins and Yarbrough.

According to sources, the All in for Maywood party has maintained an organizing presence since last year’s election, when it constituted the only major counterweight to the Maywood United party. Although current Village Clerk Viola Mims was the only candidate elected to office from the All in for Maywood party, there are indications that the party’s presence, particularly in the form of Guzman’s top-of-the-ticket candidacy, provided ammunition to Mayor Perkins’s head-to-head with former Mayor Yarbrough.

If last year’s consolidated election was any indication, next year’s off-year election may prove much of the same, with the two main political parties in Maywood vying to perhaps position themselves for longer-term dominance. Sitting Trustees Rivers and Jaycox are likely to run on the Maywood United party ticket. Outside of their nearly certain candidacies, the only name that we know that’s been floated about as a possible running mate on Maywood United is Antonio Sanchez, who, according to unconfirmed reports, has been mulling a possible run.

Sanchez, a finance professional and co-proprietor of Mariella’s Banquet Hall, was appointed to the Maywood Park District’s board of commissioners before residency issues forced his resignation less than a week later. He is a native of Maywood, but had been officially residing in the Village for less than the two years required to serve on the commission.

As far as independent candidates go, Trustee Ealey-Cross, who unsuccessfully ran as an independent last year seems the only confirmed nonpartisan. There have been unconfirmed reports that newly appointed Liquor Commissioner Mary “May” Larry may be strongly considering running as an independent, as well. Larry unsuccessfully ran for mayor last year, garnering less than six percent of the vote in a field of five. VFP

Final results of the Mayoral, Clerk and Trustee races during last April’s consolidated election

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